Hi! I’m Sarah. I’m so thankful that you’ve chosen to be here.
Here’s a bit about me: I have no formal art education. I was classically trained in music most of my life and later decided to fine-tune my piano skills by getting a degree in piano performance. Growing up, I was a hopeless romantic (still am); I have always been enchanted by the literature, lifestyle, music and art of past eras. I think music shaped my attention to detail and has always complimented my love for art. As a kid, I would beg family members to hold still for their “portrait” and was known to carry my sketch book wherever I went.
I’ve learned most of what I know through trial and error, working with art coaches, taking online courses, and asking many questions of those who were even one step ahead of me. I believe that a person can grow to be a great artist by taking the time to notice details in the art that they admire, closely watching creation and being eager to learn from others. I am constantly influenced and inspired by the masterpieces of our Impressionistic artists—especially Claude Monet. Currently, I find myself drawn to the blend of modern and classic vintage and the timeless beauty of rich landscapes.
When I’m not painting, you’ll find me teaching music lessons, going on long walks with my husband and hosting gatherings in our recently-renovated Victorian home.